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By Hanna Nilson



If you are looking to sell a car or truck, both used and/or new, here are some pointers to help give you an advantage in the world of buying and selling cars.

Car Pricing: First of all, selling a car takes some time and preparations. Before getting ahead of yourself, you must give yourself a price range to work with. A good place to start is Kelly Blue Book. Be sure that youíre honest when filling out all the appropriate information about your car or truck. As the owner of the vehicle, itís easy to be optimistic about the condition of your used car. However, if the information is false, you will only put yourself at a disadvantage because the car pricing will be off.


Buying a Used Car with Confidence


How to Find Actual Used-Car Prices

After youíve given yourself an estimate on the value of your used car for sale, you may want to compare the rates with other similar cars for sale. If you have a price in mind and you are able to find other cars of the same make and model with comparable condition and mileage, youíre on the right track. Remember, when preparing to sell your car, it is important to take into account the prime season for your particular type of car. For example, if you are selling a convertible you may want to wait until the spring or summer to sell your car. On the other hand, if youíre looking to sell your SUV, truck or any four wheel drive vehicle, the winter season may bring more demand.

Prepare your Car for Sale: Secondly, when preparing to sell your car, it is important to de-personalize the vehicle. This is because people want to see themselves as the new owner and if the car looks feels and even smells like it belongs to someone else, they will be less likely to buy. So, before you start advertising your car for sale, be sure that it is clean both inside and out. This includes getting rid of any smells or personal paraphernalia, as well as vacuuming, washing and waxing your car. You may also want to take your car for an inspection by your mechanic. Remember to get a report or receipt from your mechanic as evidence for the check on overall condition of the vehicle. Since it always helps to have as much paperwork as possible, you may want to also get a car history report and maintenance records ready for interested buyers.

Advertise: Selling a car means making it an attractive purchase to as many people as possible. Take some good high-quality pictures and show off to the world how pretty your car is. Put your car information out there through as many mediums as possible. The more selling information you have for people, the more likely you are to sell your car to someone at a higher price. It is even possible to generate a greater demand for your car by collecting a number of interested buyers.

Selling a car is not as easy as it seems. Car selling is all about presenting your car a desirable commodity. Therefore, when creating your advertisements online, in newspapers and for community bulletin boards etc. be sure to highlight the selling points by using key terms such as low mileage, excellent condition, non-smoker, clean title so on and so forth. Be sure to also mention any upgraded features and new car parts.

Now that youíve made sure that your car is ready to sell and that your ads are in place, youíre well on your way from bothersome car selling preparations to a rewarding settlement! Good Luck!


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